How to create an itinerary between 2 points?

Click2Map Mobile - February 6, 2015
  1. Press on an existing marker on the map or press & hold at any location to create a new marker, then press on the i sign in the marker info bubble to display its information.
  2. In the marker Info view, press the Directions link and select Directions from here or Directions to here.
  3. In the Directions view, select the type of From or To destination you want to use:

    • Marker: use this option to select a marker in the marker list.
    • Address: select this option if you want to enter an address.
    • My position: select this option if you want to use your current location.
  4. Press Done to validate the selected options.
  5. Select if you would like the selected directions to be transferred to Google Maps or Maps for turn by turn traffic guidance.

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