Enriching markers in the mobile app

Click2Map Mobile - February 6, 2015

Press the List button to display the list of your maps and markers, then select the desired marker to display its details. Press Edit to open the marker's properties.

How to position my marker on the map?

In the marker's properties view, you can press the mini-map displayed at the left of the marker's title: doing so opens the Edit coordinates view from which you can freely reposition your marker.

How to add photos to a marker?

Press on the No photos field to add an existing photo from your phone ou take a new one.

How to modify marker information?

Select a marker then press Edit at the top right of the screen to open its property view: all marker properties can be modified from this view.

  • Change the Title
  • Add a Description
  • Modify the Address of your marker
  • Change the Icon
  • Move into another Group
  • Or enter directly your marker's Coordinates

Confirm by pressing Done at the top right of the screen.

To delete a marker, press the Delete this marker button at the bottom of the property view.

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