How to add variables to a markers template?

Using markers templates - March 5, 2015

Each information associated with a marker can be used as a “variable”: the marker's title, its description, its geographical coordinates, etc. Default Click2Map variables start with the $ character and can be used in almost all text and Html fields. Custom variables start with the # character. For a list of the default variables, see: Click2Map Variables.


Step 1: Create markers template

Read How to Create a Marker from a Template


Step 2: Add variables

Here we are going to create a template which include a Photo tab, the legend of which being a combination of the marker's title and the name of the group in which it is stored.

1. Use the Tools > Template Set command from Click2Map's main menu. In the Template Set dialog box, click on one of the existing templates, then click on Edit. If no template set exists, create one by clicking on Add...

2. Click on the Extra Tabs tab.

3. Click on the Photo button present in the New Tab section

4. In the Legend text area, enter: “A wonderful $title in the $group area.” Just to know, you can add the variables with a right click in the text area and by choosing Marker properties option in the displayed contextual menu.

5. Click on OK to save your marker template.

6. Click on Close to close the Template Set window.


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