How to update markers using the import module

Creating my markers - March 6, 2015

You can repeat the import procedure as often as you want to keep your markers up to date. You only need to make sure that all your markers have a unique ID to enable the update process.

  • The ID of a marker is its main identifier: when you edit a Click2Map CSV file, modifying the ID of a marker will result in the creation of a duplicate of this marker with the new ID.
  • To modify an existing marker, simply edit the corresponding fields in the CSV file, making sure not to change its ID.
  • Modifying the name of a group in a marker record will result in creating a new group with the modified name and moving the existing marker to the new group.
  • To move a marker from a group to another within the same map, simply replace the content of its present Group field with the exact name of the target group.
  • To move a marker from a group to a subgroup, enter the subgroup location in the Group field in the following form:


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