Geocoding my markers

Geocoding my markers - September 10, 2015

What are geocodings?

Geocoding an address converts a street address into geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude) that can then be used to position a marker on a map.


What's the difference between geocodings and markers?

A marker can be located on a map by entering its geographical coordinates or by geocoding a street address. It’s also possible to manually position a marker without using geocodings.


I subscribed to a Trial or a Free Plan. Can I have additionnal geocodings for my mapping project?

At the subscription of a Trial or a Free plan, you benefit from 100 free geocodings.

You can’t buy extra geocodings. However, if you upgrade your account to a paid plan (monthly, yearly or unlimited), 1000 geocodings per month and per user will be included in your subscription.


I subscribed to a Monthly, Yearly or Unlimited Plan. Where can I buy additionnal geocodings?

With a paid subscription of any kind, monthly, yearly or unlimited, you get 1000 geocodings per month and per user.

If this is not sufficient to complete your mapping project, log in to your account, then access the My account menu > Users section and Purchase Geocodings.

Select the appropriate package and confirm.

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