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My account

How to create my account?

Forgotten password/username


Geocoding my markers

What are geocodings?

What's the difference between geocodings and markers?


Creating my markers

How to create my markers?

How to import venues from an excel or CSV file

Click2Map CSV format

What are the exported fields when I export the markers of my Click2Map map?

How to update markers using the import module?


Editing my maps

Why use bulk operations?

How to clusterize markers?

How to organize markers into groups and subgroups?

How to add lines and polygons on a map?


Organizing my database

How to organize your personal Click2Map database?

How to import data into My database?

Click2Map variables


Using marker templates

3 steps to creating markers from a template

How to add variables to a markers template?

How to use a marker template when importing markers?


Map publication process

How to publish a map on my website or share a map?

How to add search and address finder modules to my map?

Download my map on my server

Is it possible to protect my map with a password?

FAQ about Click2Map map publication


Click2Map Mobile

How to create maps and add markers on the mobile app?

How to enrich my markers in the mobile app

How to organize my markers into groups and subgroups?

How to geolocate my position and use the Timer mode?

I'd like to create an itinerary between 2 points. How to do it?

How to publish my map and consult its statistics?


Click2Map FAQ

What is the right size for my images in the editor?

How to center my map?

Is it possible to sort my markers by alphabetical order?

How to change my existing polygons in Click2Map?

Can I print my maps with Click2Map?

Are there any licensing restrictions with regards to the use any of my maps?

How do you prevent others from copying my maps?

I need to apply a transparent background to my map's widget. How do I proceed?

Clustering option doesn’t work when I download my map from Click2Map. Why?

After exporting my map, I need to consult it locally. Is that possible?



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