Personal privacy and protection of User data

SAS AxioCode upholds the strictest of standards with respect to protection of privacy and of personal information, and has made a declaration to the French data protection authority (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés - CNIL), using number 1276049.

Each User can access or request access to information concerning him/her in order to have it modified, deleted or to forbid any use by Click2Map of it. Users can submit such requests for access by mailing requests to the following address: SAS AxioCode 57 rue Lothaire, 57000 METZ, France, or by filling out the contact form, and each User shall carefully identify the sender's personal information.

Each User can, at the time of registration or at any time thereafter, request to receive and, subsequently, request without charge via Click2Map to cease to receive, the Click2Map newsletters and/or promotional offers sent to her/him by email or to cellular phone from Click2Map and/or its partners. The rights and warranties of Click2Map Users respect in particular the French law on "information technology and civil liberties", n° 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 as modified by Law n° 2004-801 dated 6 August 2004 transposing into French law the EU Directive 95/46/EC dated 24 October 1995 on the protection of personal data and privacy within the European Union; and the French law on "confidence in the digital economy", n° 2004-575 dated 21 June 2004 (article L 33-4-1, as modified, of the Post and Electronic Communications Code and the new article L. 121-20-5 of the Consumers Code) transposing into French law the EU Directive 2000/31/EC dated 8 June 2000 on electronic commerce and EU Directive 2002/58/EC dated 12 July 2002 on the protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications.

1. When and why do we gather information about you?

The User is asked to supply information about himself/herself when he/she registers with the Service, participates in a contest, responds to a survey, participates in a chat or acquires a Subscription. Certain items of information are mandatory in order to gain access to Services.

2. What sort of information do we gather?

Personal information gathered by Click2Map can include your name, mailing and/or email address, fixed line and/or cellular telephone numbers, bank information, and your use of the Service.

Furthermore, certain non-personal information are also gathered, such as the version of the User's and any other visitor's web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), the operating system (Windows 98, Mac Os, etc.), the IP address of the computer from which they are visiting and statistics about maps and markers consultations.

Finally, Click2Map uses cookies, designed to store information used to identify the User while he/she is browsing on the Click2Map Internet site, in order to allow the User to continue browsing without having to re-enter this information for each new page. The User always has the option of preventing the use of cookies by modifying the options of his/her web browser. To obtain further information about this, please refer to the browser-specific advice on option modification, which is accessible on the "Your Traces" ("Vos Traces") section of the website of the French data protection authority (CNIL):

3. Who has access to your information?

The information gathered about you when you register with Click2Map and subscribe to our Services is used to offer you our different Services. All precautions have been taken on our databases to archive your information in a secure environment. Only a small number of our employees have access to your information, which is only accessible in case of necessity. The personal information you provide at the time of registration which does not comprise your personal ad and your profile will not be accessible by third parties, nor Subscriptioned on, sold or exchanged, except in the cases named below and subject to your prior information and agreement, or in assumption of your non opposition hereto.

We may send you promotional offers from some of our partners, subject to your explicit and informed consent given during registration, unless you choose not to be contacted during your registration or unless you change your mind at any moment thereafter. If you do not wish to receive any special offers from Click2Map or our partner companies, let us know when you subscribe, or alternatively at any time by going to "My Account" on the Click2Map website, or contact us by mail.

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