Map examples created with the Click2Map Map Editor

Discover a few map examples created with Click2Map. The Click2Map Map editor makes it easy to create personalized maps with your own points of interest in just a few clicks. The import module and the powerful template engine allow you to create numerous markers that look exactly the way you want in a single operation.

Display local shops or services

Do you want to promote the services, local shops and infrastructure of a town or urban area? All you need to do is create a map and add a marker at each desired location...

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Highlight touristic areas

Do you want to highlight touristic or cultural points of interest? Create a map of the local hotels, restaurants, museums, theaters, movie theaters…

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Illustrate articles and reports

Do you want to illustrate the content of an article with a map? That's very easy: create a map a add a marker at each important location illustrating your document...

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Locate network members

Do you want to show the location of the members of a network, an organization or a group of friends? A Click2Map map would be much more interesting than...

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Locate your business partners

Do you want to display a map of your business partners, resellers or distributors? Import your partners' addresses and they'll be automatically geolocated...

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Show how to reach a location

Would you like to show your visitors how to reach your company premises or any other location? You just need to create a map, add a marker at the location of your choice...

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